Goblin Forged House of Gryffin Magical Wizard Sword



Overall Length: 41.25 Inches
Cross Guard Width: Approximately 6.25 Inches
Blade Length: 33 Inches (Dull)
Handle Length: 8.25 Inches
Material: Zinc Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Faux Jewels
Included: Leather sheath with strap


440 Stainless Steel blade
Zinc Aluminum Handle w/ Elegant Magical Design
Free Leather Sheath w/ Strap

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This sword is known worldwide and needs no real introduction. This iconic sword is goblin forged and was rumored to be stolen by Gryffindor himself. Some says this rumor is false and spread by the Goblin King in order to get this sword back. This sword is capable of acquiring powers from those it has slain making it a very powerful weapon. Over the years many powerful wizards wielded this sword such as Mr. Potter. The blade is constructed of stainless steel with Godric Gryffindor etched on the front and back. The ornate hilt features faux rubies just like the sword in the movie with a griffin in the center of the cross guard. Included is a leather sheath with back strap. Are you able to pull the sword from the hat?



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