Final Fantasy VII – Cloud Strife’s Original Buster Sword


Overall Length: 46 1/2″
Blade Length: 36 1/2″
Blade Width: 7″
Sharp Edge
Guard: 8 1/2″
Full Tang Handle.

“This sword is a symbol of my dreams…and my honor. No…it’s more than that…” (Zack).

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Cloud was designed by Tetsuya Nomura with influences from Yoshinori Kitase, Kazushige Nojima and Hironobu Sakaguchi. Originally conceptualized by Sakaguchi as one of only three playable characters in early planning stages for Final Fantasy VII, Cloud’s character saw greater oversight by Nomura than with other characters in previous Final Fantasy projects. Nomura has said the original parameters of Cloud’s character design called for slicked-back, black hair with no spikes. This depiction was to serve as a contrast to the long, flowing silver hair of the game’s lead antagonist, Sephiroth. However, to make Cloud stand out more and emphasize his role in the game as the lead protagonist, Nomura altered Cloud’s design to give him spiky, bright, blond hair. Furthermore, Nomura was called upon to supervise Cloud’s various lines and personality traits. Kitase and Nojima, meanwhile, were in charge of developing Cloud’s background and his relationship with the character of Sephiroth.

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