Beautiful Handmade Damascus Folding knife With Buffalo Horn


Beautiful handmade Damascus hunting Folding knife
this knife has inner lock system

handle is made of Buffalo Horn
total length about 7 inches when opened and about 4 inches when folded
blade length 3.5 inches
handle length 3.5 inches
handle material made of Buffalo Horn
comes with leather sheath


Attractive Handmade Damascus Folding Knife

  • [Handmade Damascus Folding Knife]: Damascus knife is a handmade knife with ultra-sharp steel cutting core. It has a robust manufacturing handle made of Buffalo Horn. The intricate design and folding feature make it the perfect tool.
  • [Make & Made]: The knife is made of pure stainless steel. The steel has hardness at HRC58-60. It has incredible edge retention. Damascus Folding Pocket Knife blade and handle length is 3.5 inches each. The handle is made of camel bone.
  • [Design]: The beautiful handmade Damascus Folding Knife with Buffalo Horn Handle is hand-forged knife. It is stylish and robust all along. The handle has attractive engravings, and the smart size makes it a perfect fit for the pocket.
  • [Unique Features]Damascus Folding Hunting Knife best feature is its folding system and inner lock system. Once you fold it, the knife will automatically be locked from inside. You can open it instantly for use quickly.
  • [Ideal for]: The Damascus Folding Hunting Knife is the Best Folding Survival Knife. You can keep it in your pocket every time you go on a hiking and camping trip. It is a handy tool that can be kept in hand bags on long trips.

The attractive Damascus Folding Pocket Knife is an excellent handy tool that can be included in survival kits. It has an elegant design and robust manufacturing.Perfect for all who love handmade hunting stuff.

The knife has an attractive design and provides unrivaled performance with excellent edge retention. The handle is made of buffalo horn. The knife comes with a leather sheath.

The knife is a well-balanced and lightweight yet sturdy knife. You can easily maintain the balance while holding it tight in the hands, and it does not cause any pains or fatigue.

The overall size of folded knife is 7 inches when it is open, but when it is close, it remains only 4 inches. That means you can keep it in your pocket easily. The knife is a great survival tool for regular camp lovers and hikers.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


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