Antique Islamic Sword Yataghan Turkish Ottoman Gold Silver Dagger Replica Knife



  • 28 3/8 inches or (72 cm) LONG IN THE SCABBARD.
  • 27 3/4 inches or  (70.5 cm) LONG OUT OF SCABBARD.
  • Blade Length: 22 inches or 55.9 cm

Magnificent antique Islamic sword – yataghan

Gorgeous weapon,

Definitely indicator of wealth and high social status.

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Antique Islamic Sword – Yataghan

Antique swords, knives, and daggers are an absolute attraction. This yatagan sword is an eye-catching weapon that is a must-buy for all weapon lovers.

The stylish dagger has a very fine design in antique gold. The dagger measures 70.5 cm when measured without the scabbard and 72 cm when it is inside the scabbard. The blade itself is 22cm long. the dagger is single-edged and can be held by one hand.

Thus antique Yataghan sword is a must-have for all those who love antique Turkish Islamic swords. This one will surely add more beauty to your weapons collection.

Turkish daggers are popular all over the world because of their fine and unique designs. This ottoman sword also reflects your status and wealth. Holding the Antique Islamic Sword Yataghan Turkish Ottoman Gold Silver Dagger Replica Knife in your hand can not only show your gracefulness but also high and elite status. Whether you flaunt the sword with the scabbard or out of it, it looks gorgeous attractive in both ways.

Although the era of swords and daggers is no more but keeping a sword or any such weapon at present is a great way to show your gratitude and respect towards your ancestors. Islamic swords have been very popular in the olden times and even now. Having such a masterpiece today is an honor.

The dagger weighs around 2 lbs. and is of excellent quality. Don’t miss the chance to buy this Antique Islamic Sword- Yataghan Turkish Ottoman Gold Silver Dagger Replica Knife.

Stunning yataghan sword for sale now. Order your dagger now before we run out of stock. Give yourself an ancient royal feel with the classy high-quality dagger.

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Weight 2 lbs


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