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Thundercat Lion’o Sword of Omens The Thunder cat Sword

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Thunder Cat Sword

Overall Length: 47″
Blade Length: 35″
Handle Length: 12″
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

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The Thundercats Sword
The Thundercats Sword a.k.a Sword of omen is a legendary sword in possession of the lord of thundercats, Lion’O. It is one of the most prized cultural treasure of thundercats. The sword is immensely useful and is among the most powerful weapon to exist.
The pommel, guard and hilt of the sword of omens are all made up of silver with small red and blue stones embedded upon them. The guard of sword is fashioned in style of a lightning bolt. Overall the sword give an impression of simple yet elegant and powerful weapon.
The blade of sword/Dagger is almost indestructible and sharp as a razor, able to slice through flesh and bones and even steel with ease. The blade can extend or retract, depending upon the will of bearer, being in the form of a dagger for in case of close encounter, and a full length lethal sword form when at full strength. The blade is highly reflective and is capable of many ultra-powerful mythical sword like features stunning, electrocuting, melting many materials including titanium, iron and solid rocks, blasting its way through targets with explosive force and even vaporizing many materials. The thundercats sword also posses many physics shattering, mouth opening, science killing and nerd loving abilities, like generating force fields, manipulating temperature to create intense heat or flame, freezing targets in ice, and manipulating the energy it emits to be utilized by the wielder, such as creating bridges of energy and even absorbing and storing energies. The sword of omens can levitate and fly, and grants the wielder the ability to fly by holding onto the sword as it travels through the air. In fact the original idea of sword was quite simple but with time the sword is turned into a “Genie” granting the wielder their every wish with a simple command like “Sword of Omens, give me power beyond power…HO!”
Shining just between the end of hilt and start of blade is the Eye of Thundera. The Eye of Thundera is a ruby-red stone containing an all-seeing, all-powerful, universal energy force that is sentient in nature. It takes the form of a closed cat’s eye pupil when dormant, and opens to become a black cat’s head when fully awake. The magnificent eye is capable of giving sight beyond sight to the wielder of sword. One of the most intriguing feature of the thundercats sword is its ability to sense goodness in others and it also won’t allow the bearer to harm any good person.
The Eye of Thundera is the source of the ThunderCat’s power, and possesses a level of consciousness that has led to it being described as “alive”. As the Eye of Thundera and the Sword of Omens exist as one in a symbiotic relationship, this has led to the Sword being described as being “alive” also. When in danger, the wielder can summon the other ThunderCats after shooting the symbol of the Eye of Thundera into the sky, by shouting the battle cry, “Thunder, Thunder, Thunder…ThunderCats – HO!” (Quite a flashy battle cry in my opinion). Upon saying this incantation, the lion’o sword also transforms, the cross-bars of the hilt curl upwards, the blade grows from dagger form to fully sized sword form, and the Eye opens from its dormant state to awakened and full powered state, releasing the Eye of Thundera symbol into the sky.

The origin and history of Thundercats sword is amusing but very long. The sword was created by the ancient Thundercats lord (Leo) to fight against the evil lord (Mumm-Ra) who was in possession of a sword named plun-darr sword. Both the swords i.e the sword of omen and the plun-darr sword are made up of same material and are almost equally powerful, but the sword of Omen had defeated the sword of plun-darr on several occasions. The sword of omen wield one of the three sacred stone i.e the war stone (previously mentioned as the eye of thundera). The other two stones named as the tech stone and the spirit stone are either long lost or in possession of other less popular races.
With the help of the sword of omen and the eye of Thundera the Thundercats were able to defeat their enemies for a time being and become the most dominant race on earth. Since those days the lions are ruling over every other thundercat clan. Leo’s descendent became kings passing down the Thundercats sword to each lord. The thundercats sword is now in possession of Lion’O the current ruler of thundercats.
The lion’o sword has been an important part of whole thundercats series. Being the most powerful weapon in our beloved thundercats universe I suggest to the Lion’O to present the sword of omen to our very own Batman, taking the Gotham’s savior to the whole next level of awesomeness.
“Thunder, Thunder, Thunder…ThunderCats – HO!”

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