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Norse Seafarer Viking Battle Axe Carbon Steel

$129.99 $55.00

Rustic Finish
Fully Functional
Hand Forged
Overall Length: 19.34 Inches
Overall Width: 1.75 Inches
Thickness: 9.68mm
Blade Length: 3.82 Inches
Blade Material: Forged Iron Steel
Head Length: 7.62 Inches
Handle Length: 18.13 Inches
Handle Material: Wood
Handle Width: 2 Inches
Handle Thickness: 1.13 Inch

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Axes were the one tool that every Viking had at their disposal because they used them so much in their everyday life. As farmers this was probably the most used weapon of the Vikings, possibly apart from the spear. As a weapon, the Viking axes were quite convenient and a very well balanced weapon. They could strike a deadly blow, both from a distance as well as further away. Over time the Viking axe evolved to meet certain needs. This Viking axe features a great bit for chopping, short enough to throw, and has a hammer. The head is constructed of forged iron steel with a rustic stone finish. The wooden handle has been sanded down and smoothed with a warm brown stained finish. The butt features a hammer which can be used to crack heads in the heat of battle or you can use it to hammer in tent stakes that is your choice. Take this blade with you while doing re-enactments or camping doesn’t matter because this fully functional axe can just about do it all.

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